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Deploying Serverless Framework Applications with Altostra

Altostra now supports deployments of Serverless Framework applications. Bring your existing projects with you and create more with Altostra.
Yev Krupetsky

September 23 2020 · 3 min read


Deploying Serverless Framework Applications with Altostra

No projects left behind

Many of the dev teams we work with have an arsenal of existing projects built with the Serverless Framework. These projects are large and complex, so the developers prefer to use them as-is and migrate them later on.

Here at Altostra, our goal is to help developers and to make their work easier. So, we are happy to announce that Altostra now supports importing and deploying Serverless Framework projects!

Welcome home

Import your Serverless Framework projects into Altostra directly from your Git hosting service:

Import a Project

The import operation creates a branch and a Pull Request that add the Altostra project.json file-that's the only change to your repository. You can either approve the PR right away, or you can work off the branch if you want to test the waters first.

Whatever you prefer, pull or check-out the project on your machine. Keep in mind that Altostra only manages the deployment of the Serverless Framework project, it is up to you to have the tools and environment setup to run the Serverless Framework CLI commands.

Once you have the project on your machine, run the alto sls-deploy command in the project directory:

Deploy from CLI

Everything after -- in the command is passed as-is to the Serverless Framework CLI. That's where you can specify options like --stage.

Business as usual

Once deployed, we can manage the project in the Web Console almost as any other project (we'll talk about that next).

$ alto console

We now have a new deployment named "blog" for our project. We can see the information for the deployment and its history, and we can delete the deployment:

View Deployment

Not all projects are deployed equally

Altostra supports the deployment and management of Serverless Framework projects, but some of the cool features are only available for Altostra projects.

Features Comparison


In this post, we've seen how the new Altostra support for deploying and managing Serverless Framework projects can aid new users with their transition to the Altostra platform without rewriting existing projects and having the ability to manage all projects in one location.

When you create your next project, use the Altostra developer tools, and enjoy the Altostra development platform's full feature-set.

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