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Auto discover AWS VPC resources to eliminate misconfigurations

Using VPC-dependent resources, like ECS tasks or RDS databases, requires VPCs and subnets configuration, which often leads to broken deployments. Learn how Environment Parameters can ensure quality and rapid execution.
Bohdan Basov

March 3 2023 · 3 min read


Auto discover AWS VPC resources to eliminate misconfigurations

New Release: Environment VPC Config

Working with serverless solutions such as API GW, Lambda, and DynamoDB has been a great experience for our users. However, when it comes to creating VPC-dependent resources like ECS tasks or RDS databases our users face challenges in terms of having to be aware of VPCs and subnets.

To simplify this process, we have recently added an option to define default VPC parameters for Altostra environments.

Altostra Web Console

Create new environment popup

When creating a new Altostra environment, users have to select a region to apply when deploying to this environment. Altostra will automatically query the user’s AWS account and list all existing VPCs in this region. Users can then select their preferred default VPC from the list.

Environment settings page

For existing environments, users will be prompted to set the VPC configuration in the environment’s settings page.

Altostra Cloud Designer

The “Environment VPC Config” feature is integrated into Altostra Cloud Designer. Users can now select to use default VPC and default public/private subnets instead of manually inputting a VPC ID and subnets when configuring VPC-dependent resources. These defaults will be taken according to the environment’s settings during the deployment process.

Editor's resource configuration popup

Users still have the option to override the default VPC setting manually if required.

In Summary

We believe the “Environment VPC Config” feature provides a more streamlined and efficient experience for our users and makes the Altostra platform more practical for AWS developers who are not familiar with VPC configuration details.

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