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The latest news, release updates, thoughts, and more, from our team and partners.
Announcing Altostra CLI v5.14

We added and improved CLI commands to make your development experience with Altostra even better.

Yev Krupetsky

July 7 20214 min read

Announcing Altostra Slack application

Get notifications from Altostra straight into your Slack channels. With our new app, every team member stays in the loop.

Yev Krupetsky

June 23 20211 min read

Enable your developers to do ops like pros

Ops can create bottlenecks that slow down the development lifecycle. Help your team to get ahead by giving them the tools they need to do ops like pros - You build it. You run it.

Yev Krupetsky

June 14 20214 min read

Altostra is now available on Datadog Integrations

We teamed up with Datadog so our users can automatically send application logs from Altostra straight to Datadog without code changes.

Yev Krupetsky

May 27 20213 min read

Deploy stacks across multiple AWS Accounts and Regions

Why you should have a distributed state of mind (hint: compliance, reliability, cost) and how you can execute it with Altostra Deployment Manager.

Yossi Ittach

May 12 20214 min read

Build Aurora Serverless cluster with DataAPI and Secrets Manager

How to secure access to Aurora Serverless over DataAPI using Secrets Manager and IAM access policies in a few easy steps.

Yev Krupetsky

April 20 20213 min read

Build reliable and scalable applications with Amazon Aurora Serverless

Altostra supports Aurora Serverless to replace long, complex CloudFormation files with a no-code interface. Go from hours of work to minutes.

Yev Krupetsky

April 14 20216 min read

Announcing Altostra partnership with Auth0

Adding authorization to applications has never been easier thanks to Auth0. We partnered with Auth0 so you can easily build and manage any secure service with Altostra and Auth0.

Yev Krupetsky

March 31 20213 min read

AWS S3 multipart upload with pre-signed URLs out-of-the-box

Amazon S3 service just celebrated 15 years, so we thought it would be a great gift to our users to create a template for one of the most needed use cases of S3, multipart upload with pre-signed URLs. Enjoy!

Yev Krupetsky

March 24 20212 min read

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